Edan Central Station Software

Edan Central Station Software

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Edan Central Station Software is specially designed to help you connect and manage your bedside patient monitors. Depending on the needs of your facility or clinic you can choose between software that allows you to manage up to 1 bedside patient monitor, 4 bedside patient monitors, or 64 bedside patient monitors. This top-of-the-line software provides a live view of up to one monitor at a time, enables you to review alarms, and print the trend data of vital parameters. It is compatible with a variety of Edan monitors including the iM8, iM50, iM60, iM70, iM80, iM20, iM3, M3, M3B, iT20, Elite V5, Elite V6, and the Elite V8.


Edan Central Station Software Configurations

  • #CMS-Lite.1bed: Manage 1 Bedside Patient Monitor.
  • #CMS-Lite.4bed: Manage up to 4 Bedside Patient Monitors.
  • #CMS-Lite.64bed: Manage up to 64 Bedside Patient Monitors.