Edan Mounting Plate

Edan Mounting Plate

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The Edan Mounting Plate is a solidly built platform that mounts Edan monitors to the desired surface, reducing the risk of injury by falling equipment.

Warranty: 1 Year - Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

Securely mounts Edan fetal monitors (F2, F6, F6 Dual, F6 Express, and F9 Series), vital signs monitors (M3A, M3, M3B), and patient monitors (iM50, iM8, iM60, iM70, iM80).


Edan Mounting Plate Features

  • Solidly built and constructed from durable materials.
  • Mounts the monitor to your desired surface to reduce the risk of injury from falling equipment.
  • Configurations

    Edan Mounting Plate Configurations

    • Plate_F2: For the F2 Fetal Monitor.
    • Plate_F6F9: For F6, F6 Dual, F6 Express, and F9 Series Fetal Monitors.
    • Plate_M3: For Vital Signs Monitors (M3A, M3, M3B) and smaller patient monitors (iM50).
    • Plate_M80: For patient monitors (iM8, iM60, iM70, and iM80).