MIR Plastic Nose Clip (100/Bag)

MIR Plastic Nose Clip (100/Bag)

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The MIR Plastic Nose Clip (#910320-F / 100 per Bag) with Foam pads is designed for use with MIR spirometers, such as the Spirolab (#911080), Spirodoc (#910610), Spirobank II, Minispir (#911006), and Spirotel.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

The Nose Clip helps prevent air leaks, so spirometry tests are free from artifacts.

The versatile nose clip can also be used with previous models, such as the Spirolab II, Spirolab III, Spirobank, Spirobank G (#910512), Spirobank USB (#910513), Spirodoc (#910600), Minispir (#91100), Minispir Oxy (#911010), and Minispir Light (#911001).