MIR Reusable Turbine Flowmeter

MIR Reusable Turbine Flowmeter

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The MIR Reusable Turbine Flowmeter (#910002) with mesh is compatible with various MIR spirometry products.

Warranty: 2 Years.

It is manufactured with high-tech materials including special alloys and synthetic sapphires, for durability while retaining the features of reproducibility and accuracy, even after many years of use.

The Reusable Turbine complies with the latest ATS/ERS standards for accuracy.

Note: If using on the Spirolab II, this turbine is to be used with the Miniflowmeter turbine holder. It is not to be used with the cylindrical optoelectronic turbine holder.


MIR Reusable Turbine Flowmeter Compatibility

  • Spirolab.
  • Spirolab II.
  • Spirolab III.
  • Spirolab III b/n.
  • Spirobank USB.
  • Spirobank G.
  • Spirobank G USB.
  • Spirobank II.
  • Spirobank II New.
  • Spirodoc.
  • Spirodoc Spiro Only.
  • MiniSpir New.
  • MiniSpir Oxy.
  • MiniFlowmeter.