Schiller ERG 911 Stress Echo-Couch Ergometer

Schiller ERG 911 Stress Echo-Couch Ergometer

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  • Condition: Factory New
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Description:

    The Schiller ERG 911 Stress Echo-Couch Ergometer (#2.210058 / S/LS Model) is designed for exercise testing and echocardiography.

    Warranty: 1 Year.

    The ERG 911 is based on the technology of the couch/semi-couch safety ergometer ERG 911 BP/L. Additional rotation axis of the couch to the left allows to position the patient at an angle of up to 45°. This position is especially suited for high-quality ultrasound images during an exercise echo examination. A hip belt and a stable shoulder support provide patient safety and a comfortable position while the couch is turned to its side.

    Besides this special application, the ergometer can of course also be used as a normal couch/semi-couch safety ergometer. Special safety aspects, e.g. in cases of suspected cardiovascular disorders, exercise testing after cardiac infarction or following bypass operations, and special exercise ergometry applications, such as heart catheter examinations, require the use of this ergometer.

    The use of an exercise echo couch is also recommended for the examination of elderly and disabled patients.