New Schiller AT-102 EKG

New Schiller AT-102 EKG

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New Schiller AT-102 ECG with Interpretation, Memory
(40 Resting ECG), no connectivity included

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 is a versatile EKG that adapts to any physician's office needs.  It acquires, stores, and analyzes 12 lead patient data. The device distinguishes itself through its absolute reliability, ease of use, and excellent cost-benefit ratio.

• 12 lead Resting EKG
• Resting Rhythm EKG
• Intuitive, easy to use with direction function keys
• Interpretation, Memory (for Resting ECG)
• Built-in full-size Thermal Printer ( 8.5 in. x 11 inch) printout
• Internal memory for up to 40 records

Three (3) Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories:
● 10 Lead Patient Cable
● 10 Snap Clip Electrode Adapters
● 100 Disposable Electrodes
● One box of paper
● Power Cable
● Operating Manual

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 EKG displays up to 6-channels at a time. All leads are simultaneously processed to provide instant EKG recordings. 

Its speed and simplicity offer a fast one-button operation to provide the best patient care.