Schiller SpiroScout PC-Based Ultrasound Spirometry System

Schiller SpiroScout PC-Based Ultrasound Spirometry System

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The SpiroScout is the best Ultrasonic Spirometer options for precise lung health evaluation and actions. 

It unique high-precision identifies minimal changes in the restrictive and obstructive pulmonary function patterns because its high sampling frequency.
Flexible to meet any physician's needs.

Standard ​measuring ​applications

The SpiroScout with LFX Software is a PC based system designed to measure and analysing breath flow and volume recordings for adult and pediatric patients.

The SpiroScout standard measuring applications:
• FVC - Forced Vital Cpacity
• SVC - Slow Vital Capacity
• MVV- Maximum Voluntary Ventilation

With SpiroScout LFX, your practice can customize the report with your logo, address, phone number and any parameters existing during the measurement. The SpiroScout facilitates pre and post testing

Included Accessories:

  • SpiroScout Base Station
  • SpiroScout Sensor
  • Spiral cable Sensor to Base Station
  • USB cable
  • 50 mouthpieces
  • Nose clip standard, 10 pcs
  • LFX Software

    Warranty: 1 Year - Free from Defects in Material and Workmanship.